Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thing that go!

The kids were greeted this morning by all kinds of new things to explore on the table.  We had tiny jet airplanes to count and sort.  A new 25 piece puzzle that three of the kids DID PUT TOGETHER TODAY! YAHOO~   about 75 little match box cars that they can sort, count, stack.  It was funny , I didnt even really suggest what to do with them and they automatically started sorting them into colors.    There are also new lacing beads that are shaped like cars , boats ,etc....

Fun stuff!

Circle time was great.  I introduced the unit " transportation" and the kids made a few guesses at what it meant.  Gavin said  " travel" and I was really proud of him.  That isnt a common word for  preschoolers to use !  We took our chart paper and I wrote land, air and  water on it and as they brainstormed different ways we could " go places", we put them into a category.  

Air - rockets, airplanes, helicopters, parachutes, gliders  They said birds , like Diego, but I explained that really can only happen on TV. :)

Land - They said the obvious ones but were quite inventive as well. Some others were stroller, Honda,digger ...

Sea - Boats , submarines, turtles - wait ... that is another TV idea!

One funny thing was someone said umbrella and I said, " an umbrella can't take you places, can it?  "   Adam replied, " yes, it can if it is windy!"  But, he is also the little one that told me his mom said Yellow on a stop light means go faster... Lacey?

It has been a good day. I think they will enjoy this week !


  1. Nice.... Being busted by your pre-schooler is priceless!

    I tried to explain to him, that at the speed I was going it would have been unsafe for me to slam on my breaks to stop, so we went thru the YELLOW light!