Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh wont you be my Valentine

Today we worked on our Valentines Envelopes that will hold out friends valentines.  It is really fun to watch the kids creativity as they decide what to do. Planning a project is actually a benchmark that we look for and work toward.   For some the planning still just includes - using as much glue and glitter as possible!  :)  

The girls made Valentines crowns today.   That was fun.  I took some pictures of them making them but I dont want to post them until I can take a picture of them on their head.  I remember last year for Thanksgiving the kids made Indian headdresses. They were really cool- especially the part when they put them on and the excess glue dried to their hair. Yeah.. it wasn't pretty.

We got a new monitor in today.   It is hooked up to our 4 existing cameras.   We can see everywhere now even if one of us is not in the room.   The dress up room seems to be the room that gets overlooked by us.  When they are in there and busy bees, an adult body just seems to get in the way. We do try to pop in and facilitate their play by asking  questions like " what are you cooking?" or pretend talk to them on the cell phones.

Speaking of cell phones and new technology. Mykah comes running through the house today and said " Ms Debbie, your email is here."  It will be amazing to see he technology that our kids get to experience.  Just look how much has been accomplished since I was a little girl.

1965 Disposable diapers
1969  First walk on the moon
1973 Cell phones
1980 Post It notes
1989 WWW
2001 IPOD
2007 Touch Screen phones 

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