Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Row Row Row your Boat

The children are all sleeping.... shhhh.....

Today we started to explore water transportation.  We read Noah's Ark.  ( Yes, we can do that...)
The kids loved the story. It was told from Noah's grandsons point of view.   

We made sail boats from fun foam and little bowls.   The kids really had fun with that.  All day long they have sailed their boats through the water ( air) .  
I also added a Bass Pro Shop Boat set to the water table. That was a bug hit. It had a boat, a man, a fishing pole and two fish!

Tomorrow we will do some sink/ float type activities.

Overheard today:

I have patterns on my shirt -  yellow, green blue , yellow , green , blue 

I have patterns too -  red, black, white, red , black , white

Debbie puffs up with pride!!!!

My moms is having a baby boy and his name is going to be Ralphy!

Guess who I am marrying? My sister. We both have rings on from Fun City !

I have had four.. yes four.... of our friend SPITTING today. That is one of my pet peeves. PLEASE talk to you child about how gross and unsanitary this is.  

A few notes are going home about this.....

All in all, we have had a good day!


  1. OH spitting is my pet peeve too! Gracie never spit, but all Katie has to do is see someone spit and she joins along - drives me crazy!! the boats sound fun! i want to see that Bass Pro Shop thing, it sounds cute!

  2. I know exactly who said he is marrying his sister! =) I have told him OVER and OVER that he cannot marry me, Kayla, or Todd.

    I cannot even comment on the spitting thing. If Adam gets a note home it WILL be dealt with. He absolutley knows that it is unacceptable!

  3. Well if it's true spitting, as in, where spit issues forth, I'd be surprised because I have NEVER seen the kids do that. However. They do that stupid childish sound thing where they stick out their tongue and blow air out. That is what we call "spitting" at home. So I'm assuming that's what they did at school. And it was dealt with. As usual. But extra so yesterday afternoon because of the note being sent home.

  4. And Ralphy was the name Elliot said we should name this baby. LOL. We did watch A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve. Oh the things that come out of my child's memory.

  5. Okay so I just found your blog and as a fledgling preschool teacher (well currently an assistant but I'm moving up in the ranks in June!) I just had to comment that at our school the other day I saw something just as disgusting as spitting (which granted is pretty gross in itself.) Two kids were licking each others tongues! Blech! In the two months I've been working at this preschool, I have said keep your tongue in your mouth more than I ever thought possible!