Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentines Fun

Randy and I are attending a 30 hours class right now called Frameworks and I have seen some interesting research on play and a child's developement.  I want to share some with you!

Randy and the girls playing beauty shop!

There is overwhelming research that supports  the importance of play in young children's  overall development.  The next few days I will highlight some position statements that noted authorities have made.  

The National Academy of Pediatrics recently said:

" Play allows children to use their creativity while developing imagination, dexterity  and physical , cognitive and emotional strength. Play is important  to healthy brain development.  It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them. Play allows children to create  and explore a world they can master, conquering their fears while playing  adult roles, sometimes in conjunction with other children or adult caregivers."  
 ( http//www.asp.org/pressroom/playFINAL.pdf)

driving a car

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  1. Sorry I didnt call you, I didnt know that Todd was going to let Adam play hookey (sp?)

    Adam had his first ever dentist appointment! 10 shiny teeth on the top, and 10 shiny teeth on the bottom. No cavaties, and the dentist said he has close to perfect teeth!

    Todd and I are going out of town Friday, (cause we're romantic like that =)
    Is there school on Monday?