Thursday, February 19, 2009

You have a WHAT up your nose?

Usually once a year one of our friends succeeds on sticking a bead or some other foreign object up their nose. Today.... tada... .was the day!

Thanks Katie, you are right,nap time was a little boring today before the "bead drama"!

Thankfully her daddy is a paramedic and came to the rescue.   He said he had done " bead duty" before and was familiar with bead removal.  

UPDATE- Katies mommy just called and  as she was driving home like a lunatic ( sorry Deanna ) daddy got the bead out!   YAY!!!!

The last time this happened, the next day another child did it. So, tomorrow we will have the talk.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GOES UP YOUR NOSE EXCEPT LIVE CHICKENS! 


  1. And sorry to all the people driving on 412 who thought I was another one of those crazy women driving too fast, talking on the phone...Katie hasn't yet grasped the seriousness of the situation...She just keeps saying "Daddy saved the day!" thank goodness he was in town!

  2. maybe tomorrow would be a good day to discuss that TRANSPORTATION of goods takes place in trucks and trains, not in NOSES - just trying to help you out with that whole TRANSPORTATION theme.....

  3. Ok, that made me laugh. Maybe she was trying to "decorate" her nostrils...

  4. Will Rosie came home and stick a marker up her nosie just to see what it smelled like. that is what the green is under her nosie Ms. Debi it would not come off.even after washing her Face 6 time and once more before school today..

  5. I hope that's not the same marker (Clara's is blue) that's on her neck and I haven't even tried yet to wash it off!

    Is a bead up the nose so serious because...infection? Brain?

    Elliot told us his nose was bleeding on Friday during preschool. Was it related to this incident?