Monday, April 27, 2009

Peacocks and Cotton Candy

We had fun today as we explored zoo animals a little more.  

The kids made a fabulous peacock . They are still drying so I have no pictures yet.   They used watercolors to paint a pattern on a paper plate. They are beautiful. We used a picture from an Eric Carle book as a model.  This was a little too teacher directed for me, but the kids enjoyed it.

My mom showed up this weekend with a gift for the preschool. She had bought us a cotton candy machine!  We couldnt wait , so we hooked that little pink machine up and made us some cotton candy.  Hey, they have cotton candy at the zoo sometime!  The kids loved it.   We talked about how sugar changes when it gets wet . We talked about what happens to sugar when it gets hot.  The kids LOVED it.  We used normal household sugar so it was white and the kids wanted to know why it wasnt pink .  I will have to work on this one.


  1. They must have had so much fun making cotton candy. Did it taste like the real thing? I know I've seen these machines before and always wondered if they really work. Can't wait to see the peacocks.

  2. It really worked ! I am so excited ! They loved it. I do need to get some of the sugar especially formulated for the machine. Peacocks.. I never took a picture. Wait.. you arent into teacher directed art...:)