Monday, April 6, 2009

The Things I Hear and See

Ms. Debbie, remember that bunny you gave me when I saw a little child?  ( She is 5 now! )

My mommy has a bag in her belly with water and blood and a baby that is connected to her body.

Ms Debbie, I love you.

Randy, you're silly.

I am making this BEAUTIFUL picture for my mom.

Looks Ms Debbie, no hands. ( arms pulled all the way in the shirt.)

Fiddle Dee Widdle Dee Widdle.....

We have a LOT to do.

Amelia counting her friends from the block center.

Whoever be's the quietest gets to go.

Ewww....  ____________  picking your nose.  

Elliot and Gavin LOVING my new connector manipulatives !

Christian being a leader.

Who wants to play with my marble?

Jaxson exploring the new GOLD button collection.

Look Ms Debbie, I made a pattern.  Blue Blue Yellow Yellow Red Red Green Green !

Look at me Ms Debbie ( from a THOUSAND places ) 

I love to look around our room and see and hear my friends learning and loving.

Family Childcare.. where loving and learning begin.


  1. Awe, what a sweet little post. Did my son say those things about his pregnant mama?? I know he knows that stuff, but normally it's not quite such a graphic description.

  2. i bet i know who the nose picker was. haha - and my kids think that babies are pulled out of your belly by the doctor after he cuts you open. i'm going to have to explain that "other" way to them soon so they don't get confused...