Thursday, April 2, 2009

Waiting for the Rain

Today has been a relaxing day.   Four of our friends were out for unrelated reasons and Geneviette was able to spend the day with us.   

We decided to get outside this morning before the rain set in.   Since we went out as  a whole group , I was out there for a while too.   It was nice to hear the children use their imaginations .  The flowers in the garden are all starting to bloom. I thought how fortunate the kids are to play in a "yard" instead of a commercial playground that limits their imaginations.   Sure, there are times for that ( large playgrounds )  and we can walk to the park when we feel the need.  When we  visit the park I do see the kids running and having a great time chasing each other and climbing but... I dont see:

Two children sitting in a pretend fire truck with "sirens" blaring headed to be heros.
Six children hanging their heads off the edge of the porch looking for a snake... "there used to be one there." Amelia pulling weeds from the purple flowers that are like hers at home.  Two boys sitting on the porch listening to Randy play his guitar.  A Squirrel sneaking to " our bird feeder" to take the food we put in it.  

There are so many experiences in a back ( or front ) yard that cannot take place on a playground.   I am glad we are at a home.

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