Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Zoo Plates

Today I took some of my zoo resources out for the kids to play with.   I change the stuff out in the centers about every two weeks and they never seem to get bored.     

Hopefully, tonight I can get some of my zoo animal costumes down for the dramatic play room.

We read "Chimpanzees Don't Wear Glasses" today.  It was a great conversation starter generated to talk about true animal facts and facts that have been passed on via cartoons and movies.   

Another activity we did today was using the zoo animal plates.  Each child had a different plate and we talked about that animal.   We learned interesting things like - a kangaroo uses it's massive tail to balance for hopping and that the largest kangaroo is the red kangaroo and it is 6 ft tall.

While talking about the animals I looked up  youtube videos  .   One of the more interesting ones was sent to me by our QA inspector.   It is a live cam of an eagle nest in Oklahoma.  SO cool!  Check it out !

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