Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ZOO Wild!

Today we launched a new unit .  When I talked to the kids about the time we had left in school and that I would like to finish with something they are interested in, they decided as a group to do zoo animals.  So, during circle time we used a talk picture to discuss the difference in zoo animals and pets.  We also made a KWL chart.  What we know. What we want to know and when we are finished we will list what we have learned.   Boston brought up a great question. He wondered how the zoo keepers feed the zoo animals without getting eaten! We will discuss this  and so many other things before May 15 !

The kids also played a new game I bought at the last conference I was at.  It would be very simple to make.   We had animals that we from notepads.  Large pages and then mini note pad pages in the shape of animals.   They were c0lored! I laminated them and handed them out to the kids .  They had to make the sound that animal makes and the mommies or daddies ( BIG note pages) had to look for the babies ( small note pages).  They enjoyed it.

The kids are doing so well with all our QA standards. One of the standards says the children should not be in large group time more than 10 minutes.  Elliot had a new watch on today and half way through circle time he announced " I think we have 9 minutes left!" A little off the time but I was impressed he remembered I had a standard I was shooting for!


  1. On Easter morning (the bunny brought him that watch) he kept announcing to us every 3 minutes in church what time it was. :)

  2. That is ok. The old guy that sits behind my mom and dad does the same thing. For instance - Palm Sunday we had the Lords supper as the singing finished, I heard him say LOUDLY .WE ARE GONNA STILL BE HERE AT 1:00. Then, he got up as a deacon and passed out the Lords supper... yah.. i say it is time for him to hand in the deacon tennis shoes...