Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another WET Wednesday!

Today we had another Wet Wednesday! I bought a new beach ball sprinkler that was fun, but did not hold a candle to the slip & slide! They LOVE that thing! We had a lot of fun, of course!!!
We did a zoo math activity this morning in the manipulative center, and read From Head to Toe at circle time, as well as Animal Strike at the Zoo, It's true! We did phonological awareness activities involving the letter D, and we worked on a class picture book this afternoon.


  1. Thanks for doing a great job! Debbie

  2. It sounds like the kids are having a great time!! I was wondering (I would have emailed you directly, but my email connection is on the fritz.. sorry) is your preschool in your home?? Do you do a full day or is it half day?? Your idea's are great, your set up is wonderful and I would love to learn more :) Thanks!! Michelle

  3. HI Michelle. I can answer this for Beth. My name is Debbie. This is actually my family home daycare and my blog but my husband and I travel during the summer doing children's concerts so for the first time ever, I hired someone to work for me and I am so PROUD. Isnt she great?!!! Beth has been blogging for the past 5 weeks, prior to that it was me. You can email me at if you have more questions.