Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today I am in Little Rock again at a luncheon . It is an economic summit to discuss with business leaders the important of quality early childhood in Arkansas.

The kids , and Randy and Beth, started a new unit today. " Brown Bear , Brown Bear" When I did assessments this month I noticed a few friends did not know all their colors so I decided to do a little unit on colors and what could be more fun that " Brown Bear Brown Bear."

The day started off with many color activities and some special brown bear themed toys that I have . ( Yes... teaching toys. )
Today the kiddos focused on Black and White. Can you go on a color hunt around your home and find some black and white objects?

Here's the story- Enjoy !


  1. We had a great day! The children really enjoyed learning the story of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and some were telling me the story before long! They also enjoyed the great Brown Bear songs you found. There is one that has a great beat (kind of like a rap)...definitely a fun day today!

  2. Hm.... this one posted a little weird with letters straggling behind. I wonder what happened?