Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Train Wreck


I failed.

We are doing the story "Brown Bear , Brown Bear". I have some cool new toys that are made from the story. I have story cubes that you match the front of the animal to the back. I have a soft toy that makes the animal sounds. I downloaded from ITUNES a " Brown Bear " song. I used the story telling apron and story pieces to tell the story. We have been rocking out to " Goin on a Bear Hunt" by Steve. FUN FUN FUN!

Then... like a train wreck it happened.

I printed off black lines of all the animals. I thought it would be awesome for the kids to color and make their own book. I am not sure how it went with Beth yesterday but here are the reactions I got today.

" I dont like school."
" I don't like to color."
" Am I scribbling?"

I didn't see one smile or hear one happy child.

Then, like a typical teacher ( that should be shot and put away in a closet ) I whined...
" You guys.. I dont ask you to do many ( or ANY) coloring sheet type stuff. This will be cool, lets make a book. ( They just stare at me. ) Seriously guys ( here it comes, get ready!) when you go to kindergarten you will have to do these. We might as well get ready."

That was the train wreck.

I couldn't even believed it came out of my mouth. I offer TONS of fine motor activities for the kids to do daily so that when they ARE ready to write they have to muscles and coordination to do that. WHY am I MAKING them sit and make a book? Did they learn anything from it that I could not have taught another more appropriate way?

I did more harm than good.

I was in a meeting yesterday and a statement was made that " Children don't fail school. Schools fail children." Point well taken.

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Mrs. Debbie, that was SO not a fail moment. My goodness you have high standards for yourself. Let them shred all the crayons and melt them onto their bear coloring pages instead. :) Why stick with brown bears anyway?

  2. That was another point they asked and I totally forgot ! WHY DO WE HAVE TO COLOR THE HORSE BLUE? WHY DO WE HAVE TO COLOR THE BIRD RED< I LIKE GREEN! ugh....... because I said so? ugh... awful day.

  3. Well, remember last year when I called you in a HORRIBLE PANIC because public school was making my Zach color worksheets and then... drum roll... GRADING him on it??? What did you tell me? Debbie, you are an amazing teacher, I can't state that fact enough. 1 bad day doesn't define your life, your career as a teacher, or your ability to put those little creative minds to work. You have the ability to make red turn green and brown turn yellow in those kids eyes. YOu are just a fabulous image of what I hope to be with my children. Sometimes you have the freedom to create, and sometimes it's nice to build structure to get them ready for "workbook pages, and coloring books". You might have less frantic mom's ringing your phone at all crazy hours saying "OMG DEBBIE what are they thinking"? Haha. I hope that your day goes better, and you take to heart when I say "I've never met a better teacher than you, a more loving and creative person, nor a better person to teach pre-schoolers"!! And while 2 of my babies were blessed to have you in their life, I am NOT bias, I am truthful! :) I've walked a day (or 2) in your shoes with those kids, and you are one AMAZING lady!!!
    Now, go have a GREAT afternoon!!!
    Love ya!

  4. Debbie, although my son has not yet been in your class room (he will next year and if you could see me right now you would see my excited face), I can honestly say that I know of too many kids hearts that you have touched by doing the amazing job that you do! Don't let one bad day make you doubt yourself as a teacher :)

  5. I'm so glad you posted this today. One of the things that I admire about you is that you are not afraid to admit when something goes wrong or you make a mistake. Because I've been contemplating the need to do the same. I've been failing miserably at alot of the things I've been trying to do lately with this group, and I now realize it's because I'm not paying attention to their needs and abilities. This finally occurred to me after the 10th time of one little boy saying no every time I ask him if he wants to make a leaf or apple or whatever, but yes if I ask him if he wants to paint or draw. I know it's supposed to be about the process, but it' seems like lately I've been thinking too much about the product. Sigh...time to start over...we all have those moments. Thanks for sharing yours, because you've inspired me...which helps my kids. And that's what really matters.

  6. my dear friend...just scroll down and look at all the WONDERFUL things you did the day before and the day before that. One "train wreck" does not a drop out make! So tomorrow you go in and tell the kids "Mrs. Debbie had a crummy day and I messed up. You CAN make the horse charteuse and the cat mauve...just have fun making your own book." I think you are a totally awesome teacher...give yourself a break. Sit on the porch and enjoy the crickets singing...and maybe sip a little something....:)

  7. You know, Anna has NEVER liked to color. Ever. I've actually been amazed at the progress of her drawings since she started school. You are doing something right!

  8. You are a great teacher. You have had Zach and Zoie in your class and me and Jason love the way you tought them. I had my sister bring her daugther to your school because I knew she would love it and will learn so much. And now Dillion is in there and he always cant wait till he goes to school in the mornings. Your such a amazing teacher you have had all three of my kids and my niece, and my sister is already talking about baby Ebony going to your school, so that shows what a great job you do when you have two familys that keep bringing ther kids,siblings,and nieces to your school.

  9. Thanks everyone. Today will be a better day.