Monday, October 5, 2009

Mrs.Debbie is doing the Micheal Jackson today.

Remember that yard work last week? Well, now I have the scars to prove it. I have poison ivy so bad on my left hand. Huge blisters... that come and go. Great. I didnt want to infect the kids today so I am wearing a black glove on that hand. I know it is best if I let air get to it, but... I don't want any of them to get this. We have had "show and tell" several times today to explain why I have on ONE glove and it is NOT winter!

We are still doing color activities this week. Here is one of my favorites. I have a color poster and we sing this song:

( Tune- If You're Happy and you Know it .)

If you have red on your shirt please stand up
If you have blue on your shirt please stand up
If you have black on your shirt
Or Brown on your shirt
If you have white on your shirt please stand up.

If you have green on your shirt please stand up.
If you have purple on your shirt please stand up.
If you have yellow on your shirt
Or white on your shirt
If you have pink on your shirt , please stand up.

Then for my favorite story of the day... please see picture:

Clara: Ms Debbie, here is my baby she died.
Debbie: She died ? how?
Clara: She got sick so I put her in this box.
Debbie: I see.
Clara: Do you know a doctor?
Debbie: I am not sure, do you think a doctor can help her?
Clara: umm... maybe, I dont know.

You never know what kids are going to say. I love just talking to them to see what they will say. I guess the conversation wasn't so funny but the baby in the box cracked me up.


  1. Maybe this is because of the memorial service we just had for Skeets (I KNOW Skeets came to preschool with Elliot several times last year) (remember the creation made out of the cell phone and tape measure?). Anyway, also earlier this summer Clara went through the stage where she asked a thousand questions about everyone dying. It was a sad stage.

  2. I think it is normal for kids to think about death and process it in their own way. I do remember Skeets! There is no telling where Clara grabbed this little tid bit of tale from , but I enjoyed it. The best part of my job is just listening to these kids. Clara was SO serious when she told me. The funny thing is I grabbed my camera and was planning to take just a picture of the baby doll in the case but Clara being the photogenic one, posed and smiled, I couldnt resist. I cant WAIT to see what happens tomorrow. I think I will start if off by asking " Clara, where is your baby? Is she still in the plastic case?" This could go on for days! :)