Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday.. is it Friday yet?

For some reason today I cant seem to " get up and go". If I were a worksheet teacher - I am not - today would be the day we color and cut and sit at the table for hours. But, since I know that is not appropriate for my age group- I didnt. What I did do was a lot of observing for WSS. These kiddos are really hilarious when you stop and listen to them.

J as she passes through the house " Sister Whitlee , come here." She and Whitlee have been pretending they are sisters a lot . For some reason, this struck me funny today and reminded me of my grandma's pentecostal church.

I am thankful for kids that make me laugh.

Randy is taking INDEX now. INDEX is the study of Math and Science for children. He is in Fayetteville in class most Monday nights from 6:30 - 9:30 and a Saturday or two I think. Today he was excited to introduce some of the new books he got to the kids. One was called " Inch by Inch" and it is about an inch worm that goes along measuring the things he runs into. Another one was called " If Animals Wore Clothes." That one was pretty funny. It should things like a camel with hats on it's humps and Randy's favorite page- which was a chicken with trousers on and an egg obviously in the seat of it's pants. Funny Stuff.... that is another great thing about extra trainings- it gets you fired up to share new things with the kids.

I want to briefly address a couple of the comments that were made on my blog yesterday about my use of the term Indian. I am like the Jones Center - any and all comments are welcome as long as you behave like ladies and gentlemen. The first comment that was made about using the term " Indian" was ok... I can handle that one . We all have different beliefs on how/ what to teach our kids. The one about the headdresses was obviously someone trying to stir a little controversy. I am quite sure they were not done exactly as they were done years ago since we used colored construction paper and glue, but hey, the last time I saw a turkey he didnt have a fan tail full of colors either. These are kids... loving and learning without an agenda. Yes, it is my job to properly educate them and I am doing so- maybe not to your standards but to mine. And.. it is my home and my job.... The thing that really got to me is the poster did this anonymously. If you have the nerve to point out something you feel I am doing wrong, please claim it. Or to go a step further there is a link for a personal message. This blog is to inform and entertain the parents of my preschoolers. I love doing this.. but " Mrs. Anonymous" you completely stole my joy in my job yesterday. Finding those comments can really be a blow to a teacher that tries to go above and beyond to do her job right. I am not perfect nor do I pretend to be. You might have had great intentions but there had to be a better way to handle this. From now on anyone that comments has to be registered.

Gobble Gobble Gobble...


  1. I can't believe I missed the blog comment drama! Black, white, Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Spanish, honestly there are so many terms today that I'm never sure which one is the most politically correct or not. I think we've come full swing that African American is more offensive than Black nowdays? I think it just depends. I can't believe someone got onto you for saying Indian. Anyway, regardless of the politically correct term today, in yesteryear, when there were Pilgrims and Indians, that's what they were called. No harm done, Mrs Debbie.

  2. Oh my! Missed the blog drama.

    My generation (Gen X) was originally raised saying "black" and "Indian" and "white." Then, early '90's, everything changed and you couldn't say any of those. Then, you can again. But then you can't. I am usually so frozen with fear at being un-PC that I don't say anything! In fact, at Subway, when they ask you want cheese you want on your sandwich, I often feel embarrassed saying "White American." Argh!!!!

  3. Ms. Debbie, I missed the drama too, but honestly, I try to stay out of that kind of stuff anyway, but you hold your head high, you teach your group the way that you are led to teach, and enjoy the accomplishments you achieve in your daily job!
    I love your blog, and than you for sharing!

  4. I don't see a problem in referring to them as Indian instead of Native American. Without any racism, especially since I am married to an Indian, they don't refer to me as caucasion but as "The White Girl." I don't think you did anything wrong, Ms Debbie! As a matter of fact, Danny and I teach our kids that they are Indian, and not Native American.. It doesn't make that big of a difference to us.. Maybe coming from Danny, since he is almost full blooded Cherokee that gives him the right to call the race Indian instead of native american, but not the rest of us.. This is why I could never be racist, lol.. I just don't get how what is right for one person to call someone isnt right for another person. I wonder if Mrs Anonymous seen us in the grocery store and heard the kids sayin "I'm Indian" if there would be so much controversy?? Just my thought for the day. :-D I love what you are doing with our son. You guys are the greatest. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I wish Danielle had had the chance to be with you, and can't wait for Michael to start school. I love the headdresses, and the colored turkeys, too! They are so cute! Been thinking about doing something like that here for dinner at church on Sunday. I think it would be cute for them to wear it!!