Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cause we'll have fun fun fun....

Clara playing at the water table . Notice the water is now red.... no sense teaching colors with flashcards ! There is also a little duck with a santa hat on.
Playing with the leapfrog and watching the rain.
A game the girls made. Check out the names and the lines !
They would jump and then draw a line where they landed and write their name on it .
Sharae and Kynley dancing!
I love seeing happy faces.
And then.. you have other faces....
Sharae and Kynley have "hung out together " all day. Here they are again tuning those fine motor skills by peeling stickers. Stickers offer great fine motor practice !
Audrey will grow up to be a dancer - I am sure of it!

Pretty friends faces.
Danny working at the water table - in disguise.
Cute huh?
Old buddies.
New Buddies...
Remembering Little Jack Horner from yesterday. I am so proud!

Found this little fellow in my resource box. He has been watching the kids all day !
Another great Christmas fine motor activity is decorating a mini- tree !
See, I wrote my name !
Beautiful picture.
Math Mat.... there are ten of these. If it says 1 they put one ornament on the tree ( button ).
If there are two...... three.....

We had another fun day. I am so glad I took pictures so I can remember to tell you most of it. Some of it I wrote down during observations with every intention of telling you about and now I can't find my tablet. If I find it ... and I will.... I will tell you more about our day and the dictations I took today ! There were some wonderful positive interactions between the kids that I wanted to share with you!


  1. We played the frog jump game one day over the summer. They loved it and played it over and over and the next day and the next. Glad to see it has been passed down to the next group of kids!

  2. Looks like you had a busy day, lots of hands on learning, and lots of smiles, the best kind of day!

  3. Love the Frog Jump game!! Again, we will have to try another one of the idea's we saw on Ms Debbie's Blog!! I also love the Math Mat's... we tried it here and the kids kinda liked it, but weren't to thrilled with them, I need to get them out again. Do you have more than one room for your child care space? It looks like in the pictures you might have a large room and a second room?? Would love to see how your space is laid out. Your a great inspiration!!

  4. I have three rooms dedicated to the kids. I have a large downstairs room and two smaller rooms upstairs. Downstairs is a loft and entry, art, blocks cubbies and table area for eating, There is a green room that is mostly the quiet room.. it has puppets, science, writing, reading, the light box and a teachers center where we do a ten minute circle time and the kids are allowed to pretend. Then there is the dress up room.... I also have the water table at the end of the hall way near the bathroom.