Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Calling Santa

Did you know we practice our math skills when we are putting our toys away. Sorting by one or more attributes is a math skill !

We sort all over the rooms. You have to admit when you look at our room it is fairly clean most of the time and everything is in it's place. That is because everything HAS A PLACE. Try this at home. I bet it will work there too!

I love watching the boys work together!

We read a book about Christmas and graphed if we had a tree up yet and whether it was real or fake. Most of the kids were saying real.. so we had to backtrack a little and explain what " real" and " fake" mean. Finally, I think we determined it was safe to say if your tree came out of a box, it was probably not real - or fake. I never thought about it , but I guess for most kids a Christmas tree is a little magic and in some ways they are all " real". I did have one little boy say mine is real. It did not come out of a box, it came out of my garage. :)

Wanna call Santa? Here is his number posted in the playroom for the children to make that special call.

My grand daughter, Geneviette. Here mommy is a nurse now. I am guessing this is where her medical knowledge comes from. See the shirt with the bulge. Look under... a baby. What happened to kids thinking that moms just picked them up at the hospital or under a rock? :)


  1. What's up with Santa's phone number not working? I needed to request a few things for myself!

  2. So... I am sorry Jessica. It didnt REALLY work. It was in the pretend kitchen for the children to pretend calling and sneak in a little practice with numbers. I never DREAMED... a mom would call...hehe. Did you really? :) If you seriously need this.. Randy has a WONDERFUL Santa voice.... I can arrange a phone call. :)

  3. One more thing we have in common Ms. Debbie, my oldest daughter is a nurse also, and she has a little girl too!

    Santa's number? It's been busy everytime we called, he really needs to get call waiting!

  4. Could Santa call my 9 year old to convince him he exists?

  5. Can Santa make a phone call to my 9 year old to prove he still is real?

  6. Ha - I love the phone number in your center for calling Santa - I am glad you let me know it isn't real! Your classroom looks like great fun - keep up the great work.