Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flu Shots? Really?

Today has been eventful. I put out clay this morning for the kids. Modeling clay is a little harder for the kids to manipulate. I heard several of the kiddos say " Someone left this playdoh's lid off, it's hard." Jaden ended up tearing hers in pieces and making and L . She was so proud of her L and so.. was I.

Nolan discovered the " daddy shoes " today.. so funny.

Sometimes the things we put out in the room are not used the way we intended. This sorting ring was placed on the table to sort reindeer. Clara thought it made a perfect frame for her smile.

Christmas BINGO!
Walmart !!

SUPERHERO Nolan and Geneviette . Building Community. I
love it.

You never know what the kids will show up at the table dressed like. Anna LOVES scarves. Today while we made these awesome Christmas chains she was dressed as a princess- a dancing princess.

Today the health dept . came to give flu shots. Randy occupied the kids in the upstairs playroom with a movie and popcorn - which we never do. One by one the moms came and we brought the children out . They were SO brave. I .. on the other hand had tears flowing. I can't stand to see them get hurt. When they were finished there were candy canes and elf mask for all.

More shoes... multicultural this time.

Audrey playing with the reindeer and the gingerbread men. The other day Whitlee taught me they could be sorted a different way. Today Audrey taught me they could be used for pretend play. She had the gingerbread boy riding the reindeer.


  1. I love your cozy box, is that built from wood?
    Looks like you guys had a great day

  2. Thanks ! The kids love it. I ordered it but i am not sure which catalog. It has three open sides.

  3. I love the dress up... especially the shoes!! My littlest one loves shoes!! If we can't find a shoe, doesn't matter who it belongs to, me, my husband, the boys or the girls, we look to the littest monkey and we usually find it on her foot!

  4. i love you site, and where did you get those holland shoes, so cute? I also love your chistmas bingo, come check out my blog and maybe you will be a follower of mine too, LOL

  5. I got that and a lot of my props at second hand stores. Ones mans trash... my treasure!