Friday, December 11, 2009

Salt Dough Ornaments

We found ICE outside. We play while we learn.

More ornament making! They love these little scratch activities and well... it looks like a pencil grip. Sneaky huh?

A little elf snuck back in from yesterday... who could that be?

Clara's mom, Jessica, came to help the children paint salt dough ornaments today. I LOVE when mommies come to do things with us. Phillip also came to visit, Clara's baby brother. The boys seemed amazed at him as he slept quietly in his carrier. And me... well, I got my baby fix too. As Jessica was sitting at the table talking to the children and painting Danny comes along and plops a firemans hat on her head. So cute... welcome.. to our little world. I think it is so cool that the kids are not afraid of the adults and feel comfortable enough to play with them. Please don't misunderstand and think there is a lack of respect and boundaries as a teacher there are plenty--- but in a dignified manner. ( I stole that term from Michelle who in turn stole it from Kristen.) Our hope is to send confident small souls to kindergarten ready to learn and if we are REALLY good... they will have some academic background in their back pocket as well.

Have a great weekend.

( My jump drive isnt working... I will edit this post later this weekend with pictures! )


  1. I hope you got a photo with the hat on Mom's head!! I love it when our parents can spend some time with us, it doesn't happen to often, but when it does all the kids really enjoy it!!

  2. I missed it..... ( the picture ) bummer. Headed tonight to get a new thingy...heh.. to upload my pics from. I have never had as much " mommy participation " as this year and I LOVE It.

  3. Awww the pic of you holding Audrey...she looks so cold :) Great picture of you and the baby though!

  4. Audrey didnt feel well.... bummer. I had just called her momma.