Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Monday...

Mr Randy is known for encouraging the children to try new foods. Today he had a bell pepper. After the kids tried it he wrote on the board who liked it. Sometimes he is a pretty smart guy. Combining lunch and literacy... who would have thought !
Over the weekend I did some Christmas shopping .. and a little preschool shopping. I COULDNT RESIST! I know the girls that have volunteered to help out in my resource room are thinking.... MORE STUFF? SERIOUSLY? Aren't these board games cute? They sit on the shelf like a book. Today we played the new candy land game.

These board games may be old school, but they're still a super-fun way to teach kids about following rules, fairness, patience, counting and more !
and... just a little note - have I told you how difficult it is for me to SIT and play a game with preschoolers. I.. need to learn patience.

And... who do you think cheating is genetic or that some of these kids have already been taught? hmmm.....

Audrey and Daniel playing with the nativity set.
The nativity was popular today!
Whitlee turned an ornament holder into a colorful flower !
Sometimes the weekends are long.....
One of my friends drew a snowman on the chalk board, can you guess who ?

Four of our friends are out sick. It seems to be scratchy throats and low grade temps. Please, please help us all stay well by keeping your child at home when they are ill. :)

Friday of this week is our PJ Polar Express Party! Kids wear PJ's to school and we will watch ( in increments ) the Polar Express and have activities that go along with it.

Saturday is our Christmas Program/ Party at the community building. I HOPE Santa will be there 6:00- 6:30 and the program will begin at 6:30. Parents may bring finger food type snacks. Children should wear something Christmasy - red , green white? Notes will be in cubbies today with invitations if you would like to pass a couple out to friends or family.

Monday we are looking forward to Rosanna's mom coming with her grandmother who is visiting from Honduros to show us some native clothing and maybe read a book or do a craft. I am so exicted about this and have been looking forward to it.

We come to school next week on Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday. On those days we will focus on " the reason for the season." Happy Birthday Jesus!

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  1. We have that same Nativity!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! It can't break, and if it gets moved I always find it somewhere with the other Little People. I loved how Mr Randy involved the kids at lunch... I am sure they love having him as a teacher!! He seems really great with them!!