Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fun FREEZING Friday!

Today Mrs. Debbie was headed to Little Rock for a meeting, but I got to come play with my favorite group of kids!
It was too cold too go outside, so we enjoyed lots of fun activities inside.
We made a Christmas tree with three of our favorite ingredients: sugar cones, green frosting and M & M's. I simply cannot think of a sweeter way to practice fine motor skills.
In circle time, the kids showed me all the moves to the new songs they have been learning so far this month. So cute...
We read lots of books, and played very well with our friends.
Mr. Randy played a board game with small groups. They did great waiting patiently, following the rules, and taking turns. They thought it was fun!
I enjoyed being here today and will be back next Friday! :) ~Beth


  1. Bout time you roll out of bed Mrs. Beth... hhehe...

  2. Sounds like y'all had a great time on Friday!! It looks like Ms Debbie has a keeper in you!! I can't wait to try the Sweet Christmas Tree!! Not only sounds fun, but yummy as well!!!