Thursday, December 3, 2009

And let the Christmas crafts begin!

I am not a big fan of teacher directed art but sometimes it is ok, fun and a great way to do assessments. I drew lines on the green sheets of paper and the kids were cutting on the lines to make a tree. I did this in small groups so I could see the child's " cutting form" and help instruct the correct way. Look at the two pics side by side. Can you see the difference in the development of the child's fine motor skills? They all get there.... this just tells me I need to make sure I encourage more scissor- cutting in the art center. See.. it is my job to see what I need to do to my room or say.. in conversation to the kids to encourage certain skills. ( This activity also taught sequencing from largest to smallest. )

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas.... Tuesday the kids painted the paper plate circles and yesterday they added the berries!

Random: Geneviette was in the art center for quite a while today. When she came out she had this large piece of paper with drawings on it. She said it was her map. ( To treasure?) No, to an island. She got on her horse and rode away. Cute. Did you know her daddy lives on an island? Honolulu. So.. this pretend play was even more precious to me and was a clear sign that she missed her daddy.. my little boy. :)

More random. " Look Ms Debbie , it is Obama. We cheer for him! " Pride in our country whether we agree with the decisions or not can start this young.

Today the kids made the most beautiful Christmas tree ornaments from pinecones. I actually bought the pine cones already dipped in bright breen glitter at a thrift store. The kids added glue and beads. SOOO pretty. Keepsakes...

You know teaching moments also happen when you least expect it. For instance, look at the picture with the shadow and the sparkles. The sun hit the glitter and made sparkles on the table and a shadow.


  1. The pine cones are so cute and beautyful.

  2. I love the pine cone craft, so cute, and looks like it was alot of fun