Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kid are so funny...

Rock, Scissors, Paper

" Hi , my name is Anna and I don't speak English."
Debbie ' You dont?
" No.. I only say dos."
Debbie- What does that mean?
" Two."

The successful unwrapping of the little presents.

Making wreaths. We painted them yesterday and told tore and crunched up red paper to make the berries. Very cute...
Obviously , the boys were having a hat day....

And then.... my favorite of the day... enjoy!


  1. Oh my goodness. Those girls are so CUTE!! Clara doesn't get to play like that at home, ever. Or should I say, she's never the one getting to set the scenario. :) Thanks Mrs. Debbie.

    Oh and guess what game the kids play every night to see who has to take a shower first? :)

  2. Yes, Clara was the ring leader on the rock scissors game. She said " No.. now you have to do scissors..." The did the traditional bumps and then Anna with a little effort ( you could almost SEE her thinking ) formed her fingers into scissors.

  3. adorable thanks for sharing!