Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wreaths of Green

Some days, I just want to strangle Randy. Then there are days like today when Rosanna came in not having so great a morning and he was able to turn her frown... upside down, that I remember how well we balance each other out. I am a lot of things, but silly isn't one of them. Randy has silly down to an art and it works every time. I guess I will keep him around.

Some of the new activities for the table during the Christmas season. Sorting/ stacking Christmas themed erasers. A Christmas tin full of miniature Christmas presents just waits for the kids to sort or count. I am not sure how long this one will last. The younger kids don't seem to understand that there is nothing really in the present and keep upwrapping them. :)

This is basket full of felt gingerbread men and parts. The kids decorate as they wish and then can start all over. They have enjoyed this!

There are new Christmas books in the parent resource center for you to check out.

I LOVE finding little signs the kids make and hang around the room.

And the Christmas Decor / crafts begin.

Our Indian Corn is finally growing!

Did you know we pour our own water?

It has been a better day. I am still struggling with getting a schedule that works for cold weather but we will get there.



  1. Ms Debbie,
    Love the Gingerbread Man work!! Will be putting that together this weekend if that's ok!! Love the wee presents too, another one to try :) And from what I have read, you and Randy seem to really compliment each other perfectly!! I'm glad you've decided to keep him :) Keep up the great work!!

  2. Michelle the best teachers ideas are stolen from other great teachers. I am SURE I took it from someone. Please make one and I will continue to learn from you! :)

  3. Very interesting activities! Thanks for inspiration!

  4. The little presents the little ones keep unwrapping sounds like a great way to work those fine motor muscles :)

  5. You're right Kerry. Thanks for the reminder!