Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jingle Bells

Mrs. Beth has hung out with us a little today . My dad is still very weak and my mother had chemotherapy and was afraid to leave him alone. Randy is his best bud and Beth was off, so this was an easy fix. Please continue to pray for my parents and their health.

Today I watched one of the kids place baby Jesus in the donkey's cart and push it back and forth and sing " Rock a bye baby." It was the sweetest thing ever. I guess it does look a little like a stroller.
Anna came in to day with these ornaments she and her mother made me. This will become a keepsake that will be passed down - something I will cherish. This little ornament is Randy .See the gray hair and the moustache?
This is me. Dark hair and I like the smile. Randy was quick to point out that Ellen had made me a low cut V neck. ( gasp ! Surely that isnt my trademark?)
And then there were 16 friends. Their names were on the bottom and made to " look " like our little friends. There are blonde ones with bows, dark ones, and pig tails. So much thought and love went into this project and I love it.
Today's table work was making jingle bell bracelets. There are stickers on the tray that are numbered 1- 5. The child would take out 5 bells and lay them on the stickers and then put them on a chenelle stem for a special bracelet we will use for our program. This was a great math activity. One on one correlation, large and small ( instructions were to get one large and 4 small bells ).

All in all, it was a great day. I will leave you with a short video clip. I think journaling is a healthy thing for adults to do. We use journals to get more fine motor practice, artistic expression etc... As we juggle our schedule around we have started journaling on our mats before nap. It is so cute to look in and see each child lying on their belly drawing. Also, their work is more unique as they aren't sitting at a table next to their neighbor. Today I heard a sweet voice singing a song as they drew. It touched my heart. I grabbed my camera but missed most of it. But... here is what I got !

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  1. Hello Ms Debbie,
    I will pray for your family's health. This is my first visit to your blogsite-you have lots of wonderful ideas and the children are so engaged and happy! Thank you for sharing all your ensiteful information. I like your math activities...I work mainly in classroom settings-that area is always lacking...ahem...