Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Special Visitor

Cute little snowman ornaments we made today. The white part is fingers, can you tell?

We also decorated fun foam gingerbread babies after reading " The Gingerbread Baby" by Jan Brett. We did the " Gingerbread Man" when we had a unit on fairy tales . We will also visit one of the Gingerbread stories again after Christmas break while we explore many of Jan Brett's masterpieces. Revisiting the same activities and books is a good thing for preschoolers. They can start to put more pieces together and sometimes have completely different experiences as they develop and begin to comprehend better.

The kids LOVE this little fisher price nativity....

And our visitor- I know you thought it was going to be that jolly red man in a suit, right? It is this precious dog. Randy and I came home to find him in our house last night. Yes.. in our house. It was funny as he ran downstairs to greet us. We both looked at each other like " who's dog?" I have wanted a cute little lap dog forever and with it being close to Christmas I said " Is it MINE?" with a smile I am sure as big as a four year old with a piece of bubble gum. Randy replied no....The kids and I have enjoyed him as we search for his birth mother. Randy and I haven't discussed what happens if we can't find her family. She is an older dog and appears to have cataracts. I could easily fall in love with her. BUT.... you know I am a quality facility and go through a HUGE inspection once a year to maintain that. The rule for pets is YES! But anytime they touch him I am supposed to send them to wash their hands. Do you know how often that would be? I know the new would wear off but I still am not sure. For today, we will pretend she is ours. By the way, I named her princess. :)

Tomorrow is PJ Day and our Polar Express Party!


  1. Well, Anna votes to keep the dog...

  2. I vote to keep the dog too! I love Jan Brett and I agree - activities for preschoolers should be pulled out and used again. Preschoolers grow so fast that what they may have experienced or understood the first time around can be entirely different the second or third time around.

  3. There was a time that my standard poodle was in class with us (until our insurance company made it clear that I was putting our coverage in jeopardy!). To prevent the constant hand washing, she spent most of her time in her crate in the center of the room and only came out when we were going to be washing hands anyway. It got so she just slept, even when kids were banging on the crate and shaking it.

    If you can keep the dog, you should!