Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This is COLD!~

The "musical ice cube " game was one of the kids favorite activities today. We sat in a circle and passed an ice cube . When the music was playing ( the song HOT HOT HOT!) we passed the ice. When it stopped that person held the ice cube in their hands. After a while, as you would guess, the ice disappeared. We had a great discussion on where the ice went.

The next ice game we played was simple. Each child got their own piece of ice and we blared the music HOT HOT HOT . The goal was to see who could make their ice melt. As you can see from the video the children have learned something about science without even being told. It is something that we just " know". Movement creates energy and " hot". You can also see from the pictures that a couple got smart and took their ice cube to the light table. GREAT thinking!

Another thing we spent a lot of time doing today was cutting snowflakes. I sat at the table and showed them how and then they tried. Making snowflakes is not an easy task. Some were successful - some not so much. As a teacher it reminded me ( yet again ) that we need to spend more time cutting. Scissors are always out but not used as much as the other art materials. When we were finished Jaxson went and got the broom from the dramatic play center and started to clean. Wow.. he will make a great husband some day. I didnt even tell him to do it. Thanks Jaxson!

Today we read " The Biggest and Best Snowman". As I read about the two BIG sisters and the little sister, Anna said " Ms Debbie! This is like the book " The Bumpy Little Pumpkin." YES! It is! The same author and same story line. Wow.. Anna. That is great recall from October.

T. I am taking my mother to chemo and Jodie will help Randy get the kids up from nap and get them snack. Thanks Jody.


  1. We love ice... I usually save it for summer, but I think that we could have a great game for tomorrow. Again... Thanks for the great ideas Ms Debbie!!

  2. That is an awesome game. Where is the song "Hot Hot Hot? from?

  3. I LOVE that you guys love my ideas. I do wonder though if any of my moms who's precious children are in these pictures AND the reason I scramble at nap time to get them on are reading. hmmm...

  4. I read it everyday. Whitlee loves to look at the pictures with me and tell me the stories of who was doing what and why. I love to sit and talk to her about her day. I personally appreciate your time and effort to put in the blog. Something about getting a newsletter or "cubby gram" is just not the same. Just my opinion.

  5. Thanks Beth. I can always count on you . :)