Wednesday, January 13, 2010


With the cold weather brings " colds" . That means runny noses and sneezing. Surprisingly enough, I think everyone is very healthy right now. Today we read " Achoo" about a penguin that has a cold. It offered us the opportunity to talk about covering sneezes and washing hands.

Some of us made snowman pictures from fake snow.

Isnt the clip board CUTE! We use one of these for sign in and now I have one I can tote to conferences and look MARVELOUS! Thanks Emilee !

Did you see that awesome block structure.. with the snowman? :)

Moon sand is always a favorite!

Parent teacher conferences tonight. TEN.. .tonight. Whew... long day but so ready to brag on my little friends!


  1. Good Luck tonight!! Thoughts are with you!! I think I need that book TOO!!! I want to go to your preschool :)!!! You're always so put together!!!

  2. Thanks Michelle, but not always.

  3. I love your clipboard,and I think I remember that you are a scrapbooker? I am too..the kids love all my left over stuff I let them have, especially the stickers

  4. Ms Debbie... I was looking for that book you read to the kids... we need a refresher and I need some books on germs and colds... would love to buy that one... can I get the name and author?? Thanks!!

  5. I will. It is nap time now . I will get it this afternoon and put it on your site so you are sure to find it!