Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Party

Bianca signing all her Valentines this morning. Hard work!
Impromptu puppet show !
Did you know this play house speaks in spanish?
Audrey drew a picture of " mom" on the chalkboard.
Friends helping each other with a 23 piece puzzle.
Getting ready to do a teacher directed art project. Holidays bring it out in all of us !
Look at Rosanna's Love! :)
Making hand print hearts!
Getting ready for our Valentines to be delivered!
Handing out Valentines. I think EVERYONE should experience 16 little preschoolers that cant read passing out Valentines to 16 anxious friends. It is a sure case for patience.
Clara modeling her Valentine Mailbox.
Musical chairs!

We didnt mind getting out early.. we got ready to go OUTSIDE!
Dancing our way around.

Bianca was the last standing!
These are the leftover cupcakes from the party. First come , first serve for the moms and dads that pick up !
Our cupcakes !
Our party room.
Happy Valentines Day Everyone !


  1. Looks like fun! I love the decorations. My kids range in age from 1 year to 4 years...I helped each individual child pass out at a time! Your way would have been a lot more interesting!

  2. Love the pictures...too cute! Especially Audrey's picture of it :)

  3. That looks like a great day full of fun! Wish I could have been there. We play musical chairs alot at home, and funny thing...I have the biggest bottom but always get out first! :(
    Thank goodness I did not pick up Wjitlee today. Those cupcakes look SO yummy!

  4. Beth I didnt get a great picture today of Audrey's outift - complete with tutu. So cute!

    Michelle... I took a 4 hour nap today . Passing out those Valentines wore me out !

    Beth- the kids loved it. They didnt even mind getting out!

  5. devin (audreys mommy)February 19, 2010 at 7:59 PM

    yup I loved the pic looked just like me :) and thanks on the outfit, it is our new fave!!