Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leprechaun Hunt

Today was SO much fun . I am Tired.. but so pumped at the same time. As the children came in they were invited to the kitchen to make rainbow toast . We used colored milk to paint the toast for a yummy breakfast treat.

At 9 am we partnered up for our annual LEPRECHAUN HUNT! Kynley's DeeDee had brought whistles and spy glasses to help the children look for the leprechaun . Off we went!

Our first stop was the Siloam Springs Fire Station. We had an appt for a tour at 9:15 am. As we walked up I noticed it was very dark and the trucks were gone. Sadly ,we realized the firemen must have had a job to go fight a fire. Bummed but still excited about our hunt we decided that when the FIremen left, IF the leprechaun was there.. he probably left too.

Across the street we went in the newspaper office. We asked if they had seen a leprechaun and they had but he had left right before we got there. BUT! He left a note!

The next stop was Books on Broadway . Before we got there we saw a leprechaun in a shop window, but turns out he wasnt real. We surprised the shop keeper by being a little early - since our fire station tour fell through. After asking if they had seen a leprechaun ( they hadnt but he left a note! ) we read a few books.( If you havent been in the book store you need to go , it is wonderful. ) Mrs. Houston came in and was so sad for us that we had missed the firemen, that she gave us shamrock cookies from next door at the Cafe on Broadway. THANKS!

After leaving the bookstore we went to ARVEST bank . He ALSO HAD A NOTE ! ( Go figure!) After reading that we had missed the leprechaun once again- we took off for the health dept.

In the Health Dept We THOUGHT we had found a Leprechaun. There was a nurse with GREEN HAIR! Sarah Scroggins was decked out for St Patricks Day. They gave us sucker and our last note of the day. We took off to the park where their note said the gold was hidden.

BRNG BRRINNGG... Ms Debbie's cell phone rings. It is that nice lady from Books On Broadway. She had made arrangements for us to go to The BALLOON CLOSET to get St Patricks Day Balloons. Thanks again. Wow.. what a great day !

To the park we really go this time .We are tired and it has drizzled rain the whole day....

QUACK QUACK! Let's stop to feed the ducks. Dee brought 50 pounds of corn . The ducks were a little reluctant since it was a little chilly but eventually played with us a little.

The kids found the GOLD at the park hidden in a culvert. As the marched home, they chanted, " we got the gold, we got the gold".

I am sure I have missed something. It was a fun day...and a full day. Thanks so much for Ms Jodie helping us today along with Dee. After a green lunch the kids laid down ( late..) and are sleeping soundly.

Now, we must wake them up to find a piece of gold on each mat and a small pair of green leprechaun shoes near the door.

I dont know who is more lucky, the kids.. or me.

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  1. Devin (Audreys mommy)March 17, 2010 at 2:35 PM

    loved it!! looks like everyone had so much fun! Audrey told me all about it :)

  2. YOU. ARE. AWESOME. Thanks for putting all that hard work into a very special day for our kids.

  3. Don't you just love the Smilebox!! You can add so much to the pictures (with the music) plus it is so much easier to upload :)
    I loved Mr Randy's green mustache... I bet the kids really got a kick out of that!! You really went above and beyond today Ms Debbie & Mr Randy... that is what makes you guys so awesome!!! Great post!!!