Thursday, March 18, 2010

Treasure Maps

When the children arrived this morning a note was hanging on the window.
It said - Hi Kids - Thanks for finding my shoes. I picked them up last night.
Ive left a little treat for you to thank you for your help.

Your friend, Partrick Leprechaun

The children seemed most intrigued by the shoes that they leprechaun left yesterday so this was a wonderful way to extend the fun. It was about 9 am before anyone noticed it hanging on the window. Kynley saw it and just pointed and smiled.. she knew something was up.

Part of our day was spent in a math activity. I know when you think of math you generally think of addition and subtraction but this was a map activity. I drew a map of the outside play yard and Randy his some laminated pots of gold. The children were given instructions to use the map and find the gold.

Randy said the older kids loved it and were really good at it. The younger ones had less interest.

One more school day and we are out a week for spring break!


  1. Your yard seems to be endless!! I saw your blocks outside, that is very cool. Do you leave them out or do they come in and out daily??
    I am glad the kids had fun with the treasure map... that is always a fun activity :)

  2. Hey Michelle, my biggest complaint about my whole home is the yard space. It is very small. The blocks stay out all time time. They are the large foam ones... or did you see the wood? We have some homemade wood blocks that stay out there too!