Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Friday!

This is a flower tinker type toy that I forgot I had. Kids learn whether you want them to or not. Can you see the automatic sorting going on?
Chicks and eggs.. one to one.

Flower stamping !

Inch worms for measuring. These were EVERY WHERE today!

This is our SPRING STICK bouquet from yesterday. Isnt it beautiful? I plan to leave it outside the door to greet parents for a while. I think it just makes you happy when you look at it.

Signs of Spring are everywhere. I freshened up the sign in area with some flower topped pens. Randy changed the bottle tree to the colorful display it is now.

These boys are funny - " Ms Debbie, we are going to sneak up on you..." :)

The sink is in and I think we WILL love it. Of course any new changes create a little chaos. Like :

1. Do we use THIS sink after we potty or the one in the bathroom?
2. How come it doesnt just come on like the other one? ( not automatic like the bathroom )
3. No room for automatic paper towel dispenser - learning to get one.
4. Two of our friends can't reach the paper towels.. :(
5. I need the cute sink skirt NOW.. I cant stand bear pipes showing.

We will get used to it and then I know we will love it.

The man in the picture is Frank, Whitlee's grandpa. He is the one doing the work around the house this week. The kids have enjoyed watching him play with his tools.

Life is good . The weekend is here.

Randy and I are teaching and concerting at an Early Childhood Conference this weekend. I am teaching a class on BAS ( Business Administration Scale ) for family child care providers and Randy and I are teaching music and movement. I hate to say " teaching music and movement" when really we throw a few ideas around that our friends can use but mainly we are having fun and singing!

After that conference, one of the ladies that works for the state will be coming back to my house to do my BAS assessment. I know.... the weeekend, really? I offered. She is teaching a class at the conference and I didnt want her to make a special trip back to NW Arkansas. So, everyone get your running shoes on - this weekend will be a fast one.


  1. I love the spring stick bouquet! I clicked on it to make it bigger. And I've never seen your bottle tree before -- very clever!

  2. I love that little boy washing his hands....:)

  3. Emilee, you also love the one under the red scarf... that would be Nolan also!