Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Morning Comes Early

This weekend was a blast. I think I enjoy doing conferences more than I do the children's concerts. Maybe it is the energy of having so many people on a room that all love the same thing - teaching preschooler ! Randy and I did a workshop / concert at the North West Arkansas Spring Providers Conference. We all had a great time!

Randy singing a version of BOOM BOOM CHICKA BOOM !

The big news of the day was our completed sink area in the classroom. Pam, my sister in law even made a cute skirt to hide the pipes with a matching curtain and lamp shade cover. TOO CUTE! You cant even imagine how much easier this makes our day.

Our friend Danny showed up today with a cool new haircut !

Ms Debbie got a cool new teachers center that we love!

We played numbers BINGO !

We stayed active all day. Mr Randy even asked " why it was so quiet?" They were BUSY !

Jaxson was playing with the worms and said " Look Ms Debbie , what I did! " He was so proud that he had sorted the worms by size ! Right after that he took off outside to dig and look for more worms.. real .. worms.

I was impressed by the girls block structure !

But the highlight of the day was the flower garden. Last night I got a basket of flowers and put them near the garden. Randy added gardening tools, gloves and watering cans ( with WATER!) Everyone loved this area. It was a hit !

Mondays arent so bad.

( I almost forgot . We also had a visitor today to observe. Angie is our Al's Pals Social and Emotional curriculum trainer. She came to see me do a lesson brainstorming. In order to teach this to the kids, I wanted to tie it in with what we were already learning - SPRING! I took a balloon and we passed it around the room ( raindrop ) and we sang Rain Rain Go Away , Come Again Another Day , Little _____ wants to play. " Who ever the raindrop stopped with had to brainstorm and think of ONE idea of something to do if it is raining outside. We made a list. The kids seemed to get RAINstorm and BRAINstorm a little confused , but finally they were able to hear the difference. After that we read a book about a little girl named Sarah and her favorite boots. They didnt fit anymore. She tried everything to make them fit. She BRAINSTORMED. We talked about how sometimes we run into a problem, it cant be helped. So, instead of getting frustrated we need to brainstorm different ideas on how it can be fixed. Thinking outside the box to other solutions ( rather than the obvious ) is a great skill.


  1. What a wonderful idea with the flowers!! You always have such great activities for your kids. Love them!! I love your new sink! It is so much easier to have a sink in the room. And love the curtain!! So much to see in your room today... glad I'm back!!!

  2. You know you are NEVER, EVER ever allowed to take down this site, with all these pictures and videos. You know that right? NEVER! I love the flower garden! Clara came in here and talked me through all the pictures. Danny has spikey hair. Where's me again? Where's Clara again? :)

  3. I love the garden idea. Look at how busy they all are with their gloves and tools :)

  4. I love the garden. I will have to figure out how to do that for my class.

  5. What an awesome garden activity! Love it! Great blog!