Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let's go to the library !

Our morning started off with a wonderful surprise as Audrey's mom brought in her new baby brother that was born on Monday ! She was SO proud.

After making a flag with out handprints ,we decided to go on a walk and visit the library at story time .

What a beautiful day to take a walk. The colors of the trees were breath taking . Along the way we saw a flag and stopped to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Then we went to our favorite place in the world - the city park .

We havent been to story time this year. So we went. I called ahead since our group is larger. The kids had a good time. Ms. Debbie, not so much. We were not welcomed... it's a long story but I guess our group is large enough she prefers to do us one alone. The thing is , the kids can't get the whole learning experience they get when in a new group of children. I can read stories all day long - and I do. I want them to learn to interact with children out of our group. I want them to learn to listen to other adults and show respect. The list goes on and on... but Ms Laura did sing our favorite song, the Tooty Ta ! She read a book or two on Thanksgiving and did a little dance with a wooden man.

Our walk back was beautiful !

We even saw the number 2 on a mail box like our pinata !


  1. We love the library story time, but I know what you mean about not always being welcome. I only have a group of 5 and we were told that the story time was for children w/their parents, not daycare groups. We were a disruption to the others. I was really surprised, since my kids were so much better and more polite than most of the kids with their parents, who were getting up, walking around, talking and crying... hmmm. Sometimes I just have to shake my head :)

  2. So that library thing is universal huh ? Makes me cringe... My kids were the best behaved in there as well. Looks like we would be setting a good example huh ?