Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hattie and the Fox

Randy and the kids played with the camera today...

Today we read the story of Hattie and the Fox. This book is a great book that practices predictability. As Hattie sees each part of the fox hanging out from the busy the animals all exclaim the same thing over and over - " Well , Well" " Good Grief !" The kids begin after the second time to chime in. Then before revealing the last page we talk about what we think is behind the bushes.

Below you see a picture of Nolan and Dillion playing with the new Woodland creatures set I bought for this unit. There are two families of animals ( skunks and chipmunks ) and a bedroom , livingroom and dining room set. Basically it is playing house but with animals. Sometimes we get in the habit of only exposing boys to what we consider " boy toys" like blocks and cars when in actuality they also like to pretend to play house. They can work out emotions from stress and learn to be nurturers . If you would like to read more about it, here is an article from .

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  1. I really love the woodland family set... I agree boys need to be exposed to all sorts of toys, but I have to say, my own boys would have played for eons with the woodland family, but you put out regular doll type of family... forget it. I always exposed them to dolls, kitchen/housekeeping, etc... but they always gravitated to the more traditional boy toys. They loved to play house, but wouldn't use dolls, they used those Ty Beanie Kitty Cats as their babies... huh...