Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines Fun

Since we were out of school for snow almost a whole week Valentines Day is sneaking up on us pretty fast. I had a ball taking all my things out today. As Jodie pointed out the last day that she worked-- I have a bit too much. Here are a few things that we had out today.

I made home made pink playdoh . I also put peppermint oil in it. It smelled yummy and was so pretty. As I put it downstairs I could hear the children talking about it smelling good and being warm. Nothing like playdoh, fresh from the microwave . Making it at home helps the children think outside the box about how we " get " things . I remember when Addam was very small and I would use the excuse " we really dont have the money right now." His reply would be " well, go to the ATM and get some." Using the warm homemade playdoh also tingles the other senses of smell ( since I added peppermint ) and obviously touch.

This is a Valentines ice tray. The heart erasers from the Dollar Tree fit perfectly in the spaces. Tight enough though that a child has to use their fingers to pull it out. The two fingers we use to pinch our our pencil. There is a method behind my madness.

Deck of card - heart puzzle.

Homemade Pink Gak. This was left over from last year and it was still good!

Impromptu valentines making station. No, I didnt freak out about the mess , that is what kids do and when I walked over there- the girls looked at me and said.. " we will clean it up." If a playroom stays clean, there " aint" much playing going on. :)

Matching and fine motor...

Lacing - I made both of the above games from decorations found at the dollar store.

Scholastic patterning.

Look at all the Valentines Boxes that showed up today ! Wow ! I am impressed !


We talked about the letter V in Valentines. When you say it you bite your bottom lip and when you say V it tickles your lip a little. These are things that were in our V drawer that start with the letter V. Kids this age still get the concepts of beginnings sounds and rhyming words mixed up. We dont spend a lot of time on things like this. But introducing them to letter sounds is not a bad thing if you use objects that can touch or relate to - like names.

Today has been a good day. ... a busy day. I enjoyed hearing the kids come in and be excited to see their friends. Orrin even said " Ms Debbie, I missed you all those weekends I was gone. I kept waiting for you and you never came." Totally... made my day. I missed you too guys.

Parents, there will be a letter in your cubby about the tea and plans for the rest of the week. Your calendar for the month is also in your cubby.

I hope you have been safe today... we have enjoyed being back.


  1. Hiya-just found your blog via another blog! Love your ideas! That's a fab idea with the playing cards!

  2. Deb, I believe you are the best teacher in the world!!