Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

This mornings breakfast was yummy ! Ice cream and oranges. In reality it was strawberry muffins in an ice cream cone with cream cheese and orange jello in an orange shell.

We had a maze to blow a ball through. There was some discussion on whether the ball with the holes would work. It did !

Yummy cupcakes for lunch ! ( Meatloaf with tinted potato icing .)

Today was a chaotic day but fun Laughter could be heard everywhere .

We did the old " Why does the candle flame go out experiment "

Noahs dad brought a snake by. When I asked I thought I was getting pranked. No such luck. It was a rat snake. I did not get near.

Outside finally !

Snack ! Looks like juice but it is jello. Looks like bread with cheese spread it is pound cake with yellow icing.

What a fun day !

1 comment:

  1. Great April Fools Pranks!! The kids must have gotten a kick out of all the "upside down" food. Friday's are good for Show-n-Tell... even if it's a Rat Snake!! :) Have a Great Weekend!!