Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring, really ?

This weather is really aggravating me. I spent the whole weekend outside cleaning and planting flowers . It was 80 degrees and today it is 44 and is dipping to 31 tonight. I guess I will get back out there tonight and cover up my new pretty flower beds. Also, it is kind of hard to explain Spring to the kids when it is all mixed up like this.

G playing with a gyroscope. They love it .

We work with the boys all day on getting somewhere and settling. They love to run and chase and play dogs and guns. All the loud rough and tumble stuff, but... what 5 year old boy doesnt ? Hard to get on to them doing something that is crucial to their development. But today.. I walked in the room to find this. I knew it was a little quiet. I said " what are you guys doing?" Their reply was " taking turns reading to each other." Awww... My heart melted. They each even got in the treasure chest.

Girls imprompu chorus line - love it !

Who me change lesson plans just because it is freezing outside ? NOPE! We planted grass seeds in cups that were decorated as faces today. I told the kids we cant take them outside because it is too cold but we will as soon as it warms up a little . The idea is the grass grows and looks like hair on the face the child drew on the cup.

Today was Orrins Birthday. As tradition goes ( this year ) The birthday child picks out cupcakes or cookies . He or she also receives a book as a present from Randy and I .

Geneviette is my grand daughter . When I heard what her name would be I thought" She will NEVER learn to spell that . ( It is pronounced Shaun VEE- ette. ) Today she wrote her full name without help - First and last ! SO PROUD! There are a few letter that we need to work on a little but WOW she did a great job !

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