Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mud - Oh Lovely Mud

I love the way that kids use toys we put out in ways we didnt intend. Really.. I am being serious. Here William takes some of the farm manipulatives and he adds a tractor and begins making up a little story about a farm.

Remember the clean mud we started making yesterday? FINALLY we finished it. It is made from one bar of grated IVORY soap and tiny pieces of torn toilet paper. After it was all torn and mixed we added hot water and mixed it with our hands. This is a great sensory acitivity. The kids LOVED it.

We read " The City Mouse and the Country Mouse" After reading it we talked about the differences between the city and the country. This is a tough concept for our kids . I think in Siloam we have the advantage of a nice country/ city life. We have stores and lots of cars and roads and factories but two blocks over there might be chickens in someone's back yard.

As the girls went outside I handed them a large piece of fabric. Boy , did they have fun !

I am still working on a father / son activity before school is out.. so there will not be a note going home with all our end of the year plans today. PERHAPS tomorrow it will happen.

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  1. We have made clean mud before, a lot of work. I have taken to grating most of the soap the night before and after each child had a turn with the soap, we added it to the paper (which for some reason we never have a hard time doing :) ) I love the sensory feeling of it, as it is a little different from our "real" mud outside which is pretty gritty for being clay!!

    Oh P.S. I think you look great in your Mrs. Wishy Washy outfit!! What teachers do for their students!!!